Our Story

Kalón symbolizes a collective of change-makers striving to create a better future for the planet, people, & animals.

THE origin of Kalón

Our story begins with empowerment.

The beauty and strength of femininity greatly inspire us. We strive for an uncompromised way of life. We believe in having the best of both worlds–ethics and aesthetics, luxury and functionality.We invited women like us to lead the conversation. Together, ideas are born and our vision is becoming a reality.

Driven by a user-centric design process, every detail was imbued with intention. The bag’s unique design was meticulously curated for a refined sense of luxury and practicality suitable for the modern era. We work tirelessly to test materials, designs, and structures for optimal outcomes.

Founder's story

From FinTech to Fashion

The journey of KALÓN started with our founder.

Constantly in motion, she found herself struggling with awkward, heavy, bulky bags. More often than not, these bags skimped on shoulder support, compromised on comfort, and lacked the organisation and easy accessibility she craved.

She knew she wasn’t alone.

Eventually, she decided to use her innovative and intuitive spirit to meet a need. After all, women do so much to support others–they deserve a bag that supports them.

Timeless, effortless, sustainable, and chic, a bag born to do it all.

KALÓN means “the ideal of physical and moral beauty" in Ancient Greece. We are the embodiment of timeless beauty, sustainability, & versatility.

Our mission

We create premium quality, cruelty-free, ethically made pieces to empower modern lifestyles.

We strive for user-centric & innovative design that do not compromise on functionality or sustainability. We’re here for the founders, creators, hustlers, & change-makers who are always on the go.